Mar. 2, 2010

Like a riot, like a riot, oh! / Birthday festivities

Well, another year, another day older the same age. Had a really nice week, despite the crummy weather, spending time with family and some friends! I even received a "real" gift from my mom (she usually just gives me a thin envelope). Well, technically, the dogre did all the work (he was her gift advisor, purchaser, and delivery guy. I even overheard the words they exchanged—"Sorry I didn't wrap it." "That's okay! How much was it?") but the point is, friend, she made the effort to supplement the envelope (yes, I still got an envelope. I was terribly spoiled this week and I'm happy to brag) with a bit of...effort (I've been neglecting my Word of the Day emails)! 
I've been super giddy because of how wonderful the gifts are this year. And you know that when it comes down to it, it's really all about the presents—while memories fade, material gifts last just a bit longer. Hehe. I half kid! While some gifts were definitely indulgent, others were very practical and will (hopefully) help me work towards my new (hopeful) career path. Received a few great books on typography, design, and such (including The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I've already devoured), the magic mouse, slouchy gray suede boots, the Bookbook (such amazing quality), gift cards (to be used towards Alice in Wonderland and a gold tone Casio digital watch), the Penguin postcards (will follow up with photos of a few favourites), a lovely freesia scented candle (the dogre thinks that all other flowers smell like cat pee. it's true), a party serving set (great since friestivities are usually held at our place), his + hers kazoos and...a UKULELE! My fingers are far from nimble so it'll be a huge struggle but I'm looking forward to it. And I love how I feel like a giant when it's in my hands! Hopefully, I'll be properly committed to this, as opposed to the yoga tragedy (the passport, friend, has expired. we went zero times. we spent x amount of money on multiple yoga mats, clothing, and a bag. when I hear or see anything yoga-related, I get a tummy ache and am stricken with guilt.)*
As expected after a birthday week, the dogre and I have pudgy-wudgy bellies. Fancy tea, scones, finger sandwiches, pastries, kalbi, butter chicken, naan, vegetable biryani, cajun fries, mango cheesecake, corn soup, kimchi jjigae, rice noodle with beef and black bean sauce, chicken fried rice, beef with broccoli, pizza, wings, chicken souvlaki dinners, mango mousse cake, and a sprinkling of beer and tequila shots. Yes, and cup noodles. Oh, how the dogre ate! As for The Host, the biryani was the best I've ever had—tofu and mushrooms, yes please.
Oh, some devastating news: Vampire Diaries is no longer playing on any of our channels! How sad am I? No, that's not what I meant! I said I was sad, not sad. Are you always this mean? In any case, happy that we'll be returning to our regular programs. Didn't follow the Olympics very closely but the few times I did, it was both pleasurable and anxiety-inducing. Felt some twinge of excitement for Canada + Korea and also have some opinions of the death, but I don't care to discuss such seriousness on my blog. I think I'll go have a tiny slice of cake now, because, you know, I don't want it to go to waste! As a piggy, I'm very respectfully dedicated and doting to that which pleases the tum tum.
Also, after being inseparable this week, I've learned that the dogre and I are, erm, special. I'm so happy that we can appreciate each other's sense of humour but worry that we're feeding off of our individual suckiness. I'm pretty certain our neighbours think we're half human, half donkeys. Wait, why is other's underlined. Am I not allowed to use that? But it sounds right...What does it matter, anyway—suckiness isn't even a word! And I'm also going to throw in that we've got a high level of lame-itude. Does that make any sense? The cuss it does!

*It's not that we didn't care. We really sort of made the effort! But Saturday after Saturday, something came up. And yes, apparently, of the gajillion studios available, we were adamant that it had to be Octopus Garden's Saturday beginners' class. And yes, a few times we slept in. However, we actually rushed and drove out to the studio a couple of times, only to get stuck in we had lunchies. I mean, really, we he can wear the clothing to the gym! And the bag is just super nice and I will use it. As for the many mats we unintentionally accumulated, maybe we could lay them all out and have the dogre sweat it out to P90? Is that what it's called? P90? Because I Googled it just now and a bunch of guns turned up. I had a brief daydream that involved government authorities breaking into my home and cuffing me. My imagination really is my enemy. And a reTARD. Hehe...favourite part of The Hangover. Can I call something a daydream if it's a negative trip of the mind to la-la land?


  1. baahahahahahah! i love this post...such a funny girl you are miss dogress!
    p.s. i believe it's P90X...i heard about it lots from various people...
    p.p.s. was the dogre mad that i suggested he was 'bloated'? hope not! i feel like i opened the floodgates with the comment...

  2. @ Finn: heh. he's a big boy, he wasn't mad! wait, hmm, just realized my choice of words...