Mar. 29, 2010

The Big Yawn - Chihuahua cavities galore. And then some.

Rocky's favourite activity, next to suckling on his feet and napping.
and in case Mia felt left out...(because, you know, she can surf the net and frequents my blog)

Shed some light on things / Goodies from afar

I love snail mail! Particularly when they introduce me to their travel mates—gifts! A buddy of the dogre's recently sent us a package of goodies from Busan (along with a sweet note that was ridiculously challenging to open up and I eventually...kind of...sort of...ripped up here and there. in my defense, it was a very complex heart shaped origami fold that must have taken a gajillion steps to make, I'm sure). Looking forward to more of this from my seastar (not so subtle hint hint, nudge nudge) when she leaves me this summer...for 4 to 5 years.

By the by, I never cared for birds as pets but was very tempted after looking at the flickr photo set here. I never knew you could bond like that with birdies!

And check out the jobs of yesteryear.

Mar. 23, 2010

Scrotation marks! / Zara photoburst. And then some.

I think my fashion style screams clean basics with the occasional whimsy/quirk. It's also been called a cross between granny and French style (according to my seastar and the dogre). Comfort is essential to me. Along with not standing out...Which is why I gravitate towards cardigans, loose tees, and skinny jeans in grays, blacks, whites, and navy blues. When I'm feeling playful, I'll bust out floral prints and pops of colour. I've never really cared what the current trend was, picking up pieces that I liked and disregarding the rest, combining things that maybe would lift eyebrows, but mostly be ignored as uninteresting! When I picked up my new pair of high waisted, pleated trousers, I hemmed and hawed, foreseeing all the intense teasing I'd receive from friends and family. But, they looked so classic and fitted my ill proportioned legs to hip ratio of a body. Yes, I'm wearing two different shoes up there! I try on new purchases with the old because if it doesn't match at least a handful of things in my closet, it goes back to the shop. I had almost given up on Zara, actually. Everything on the racks looked fantastic but 'twas a different story on me body. More from Zara (such amazing prices—like twelve buckaroos for the skirt and tee). Sco-ore for me!:
The dogre and I have big news. We're going vegan. No, that's a lie. We're going strictly organic. That's not true either...What we've actually decided on is a conscious effort to go as organic and local as possible. Hoping to minimize consumption of preservatives and place an emphasis on fresh ingredients. And most importantly, we're watching our portions. Sort of. Over the weekend and for the father-in-law's birthday celebrations, we checked out Glow Grill at Don Mills and Lawrence. I was hesitant since the restaurant focuses on health and well being but everything was super delicious! Not that any of the fish dishes were sampled by moi... But I hear they were good too. Yumm—one step forward for us!
And five steps back because we also gorged on endless Korean table cooking of jumuluk meat, ssamjang, and sangchew on Monday evening with my mum. At least we had just as much greens? As for tonight, 'twas taco night in our casa. So good! So fresh! I wish every Wednesday was taco night but alas, it's probably too high in salt for such a dream to come true.
Random food photoburst. Including When Panda Mugs Attack (no, but that is the very mug that cut my toesies! tui, tui.)
I like my grilled cheese sandwiches lightly coated in unsalted butter, sprinkled with onion and chili powder, and oozing with sharp cheddar cheese! And, of course, a squirt of ketchup on the side. Try it! I sound especially frivolous and self-important tonight. Oh well, this will come in handy when I become a super fancy personal fashion advisor/food artist-photographer/book cover designer/interior decorator. Eh? And you're still planning on getting me that Leica you promised? Please and thank you!

NOTE: the beautiful trousers were returned. I was too consumed with financial guilt. Should have returned the sunglasses too but forgot. And now I don't want to go back because seeing on the receipt that I had already made one return may raise eyebrows and I don't want to be "that person." Le sigh.