Feb. 24, 2010

La la means I love you / Classic Dogre

Tonight while we were critiquing collages, the dogre interrupted our class. Unexpected. In uniform. When the lecturer was in mid-sentence.  To present me with a bouquet of flowers. To which the whole class, in unison, cried "aw" and sang to me. And then chuckled at me the whole evening... I'm a sensitive girl. And I can certainly be emotional. But I'm not a romantic. And, I'm quite content with the wallflower role. After witnessing and being the focus of this public display of mushiness, I was one sweaty and beet red dogress. Deliciously cheesy—perfect dogre-ism! I could barely keep my head up and mumbled a few incoherent words. Also, I'm painfully shy when it comes to carrying flowers in public. Painfully. But I really appreciated the surprise attack and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Just, please don't ever scare me like that again, dogre! The bouquet was super large and heavy so I separated the flowers into two vases, lovingly arranging the favoured flowers and tossing together the rest. 
Now I scamper off to feed my belly, tidy up, and try to correct my poor sleep schedule. We'll be picking up a box spring and frame early in the morning (craigslist. coincidentally, she lives in the next building. I'd like to mention that it was my first ever attempt at haggling and we'll be paying ten dollars less than the asking price! if haggling means asking her politely if she wouldn't mind charging a bit less and in the same sentence expressing how much we really want them, then yes, I haggled). 
Looking forward to posting photos of my birthday festivities. High tea time at the Windsor Arms Hotel and two mystery dates (the mystery being the venue, not my date).


  1. AHHHH! so cute! you must tell me the whole bday tale!! missed you for the last lil while, my friend! happy birfday!

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