Feb. 10, 2010


I'm not a very lovey-dovey, affectionate person (unless I'm bored or about to get into trouble. then I'll shamelessly bat my sparse eyelashes at the dogre) but I do appreciate an insignificant day dedicated to unnecessary gift giving and doting! I also like to ooh and aah over DIYs that I'll likely never make. Click on the images for instructions.
{photo credit: marthastewart.com}
The process sounds very fun! Ironing crayons between wax paper? Explosive colours? Yes please!
{photo credit: oncewed.com}
Ooh, these pom poms look like a lot of work.
{photo credit: purlbee.com}
This garland would also be a nice touch for the balcony. Imagine a hot summer night, a light breeze, the warm glow of candles and street lamps, muffled music in the background, and a few close friends gathered around with cold drinks in hand (freshly mixed from our bar cart inside, of course)...and our future gnome friend. Le sigh, I've been missing summer weather like a fat kid misses cake. Or a monkey misses cotton candy. Or rocky misses rice. Or mia misses massages. Substitute kid, monkey, rocky, and mia for moi. Not sure where this cotton candy loving monkey came from, but I like him already.
Above, the dogre has been formally invited to a private fondue party for deux. Spicy cheese! I hope he remembers to pick up the ingredients the day before...Along with my gift (we've set a $10 or under budget).

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  1. hehe he's invited to a dinner but HE has to buy the ingredients?! :P aw and i love the martha crafts! lets try them out~

    ps. love the fondue drawing!