Feb. 23, 2010

I played pretend between the trees / Camera crushing

Since I'm tired of using cleaning as an escape from studying, I've now resorted to online window shopping. I must say, after years and years of schooling, I'm very good at it. We're moving on from gold things to vintage feeling cameras. I've always wanted to learn photography and at one point even owned a fancy Nikon DSLR (for about a week and then guilt about the cost kicked in). Now I'm trying to learn the magic of tweaking my digital camera and Photoshop. My Sony Cybershot (in hot pink and free with my Shoppers Optimum points!) has been good to me but is starting to malfunction. So, I've been pleasantly daydreaming about old fashioned cameras.


I've always wanted a Polaroid but couldn't come to terms with how pricey film was. I picked up a super old AGFA Box ($5) and was gifted a Lomography Fisheye camera but oh how my greedy fingers ache to hold one of the above cameras! The potential to be awesomely pretentious and cool is out of my grasp. Le sigh. Maybe it's time for me to get to work!

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