About this blog

To shoot the cuss. To catalog what's aesthetically beautiful to me, mostly on interior decorating and graphic design. To prattle about food pornography. To document things that amuse me—jokes, encounters, thoughts, or pieces from a movie, book, tv show, song, et cetera. To frivolously remark about the pretty little things I'm pining over or, better yet, own. To discuss my husband, the dogre, and our journeys together in a teeny tiny home with an itty bitty dog and lumpy dumpy cat. To express my creativity and mood through words and images. To be a storyteller, dogress style. To live in a pretend world where both Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling smile at my humour and share my passion for ketchup. To keep the tone easy, breezy, light and airy. The goofier the better. The more relaxed and casual you feel with me, the better. Note: I can't and won't do succinct so you'll have to endure the lengthy posts. And lengthy they are!