Oct. 23, 2009

me, you and the dance floor

{photo credit: Will Yau. Visit his site here}

the significance of 6.1.2.

we're not the type of people who believe in superstition
(falling prey to my wild imagination and fears, yes) or put too much importance in numbers..and words like 'fate' and 'soul mates' are not part of our daily vocabulary.. but, 612 holds a special place in our relationship heart. why, you ask?

1. The Little Prince is one of my most beloved stories. in fact, during a period when we were "on a break" the dogre
(husband) read it and was enlightened by its key "lessons". if you haven't read the story, you should know that the prince calls asteroid B612 home.

2. it turns out that the unit number of our first home purchase is ....yes, 612! i know you just got the shivers! i know it!

not that we decorate our place with 612 posters or cups, but this mild and delightful
(also not part of my vocabulary and the first time i've used it in my 25 years) coincidence tickles my fancy. and the dogre's.

p.s. - the dogre and i are, like, major soul mates (in case he's reading).

p.p.s. - the word dogre is a lovely blending of two words, donkey + ogre. 

the prerequisites of holding such a title are as follows: a) having hairy shrek-like feet and charisma b) making goofy (funny+embarrassing) errors due to word and/or physical (action) fumbles..


  1. Sooey looks verrrrry pretty in her dress :)

  2. Hey!!! :) Woweeeeee, i didn't know you updated the blog ~ it looks very nice ~ please keep writing!
    wowee, shivers ~ unit 612!!!