Sep. 19, 2009

"nesting..ahh, and don't it feel good!"

our sofa was delivered this morning!
it looks great but some concerns include:
1) our place is small. really small. under 450 sq. ft small...needless to say, this sofa is now taking up a third of our living room space.
2) it's white. rocky (dog) & mia (cat) are seriously dedicated to their third favourite past-time - shedding! we find fur in every meal that we consume, on our noses, up our noses, in rocky's eyes, and in my eyes! not to mention, rocky is an occasional scooter and mia's got a dirty bum. we need to find a nice throw soon.
3) we're getting cable on monday. uh-oh! i haven't had cable tv in years and believe-you-me, i am a professional couch potato. i am well trained at sitting with eyes glazed over, hair disheveled, eyes drying out due to lack of blinking, donning a crusty pair of 10 year old shorts, and now eyes tearing up because i've got rocky and/or mia's hair in them!
4) did i mention that it's white? we have a rule that no one is allowed to eat on or right by the sofa. this pains me because along with being a professional potato, i am also a devote eater. i like to snack throughout the day and have multiple lunches and dinners. even at this very moment, i'm longing to eat my cupcake, banana, yogurt, and bagel with deli meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo and ketchup (breakfast of champions). it's difficult to restrain myself.

but yay for the delivery! such a nice sofa..and i'm looking forward to many nights of channel surfing on it! shhhhh-

next up: a bedframe. this won't happen for a while since we've splurged on the sofa and have yet to go/spend on our honeymoon (to the CITY OF LIGHT!)'s a cropped version of what it looks like right now. looks romantic and put-together, right? what you don't see is that the mattress is sprawled on the floor (and covered in pet hair). heehee~

that's all for now. i'm going to peel myself away from the sofa and move over to another corner of the room to eat my breakfast.

Sep. 15, 2009

the start of our new adventure together..

{photo credit: Will Yau. Visit his site here and blog here}