Feb. 16, 2010

We're four short of a bushel! / WALL ART

I've been tracing my mouse path (found at doorsixteen.com) and saving the images every 24 hours or so in hopes that I can somehow develop + frame them for our new home. Some other wall art that I'm eyeing:
{Aveyfish Monger is here, Venn diagram here, and city map is from here.}
How cool is the city map poster?! And they'll soon have a Toronto map! Signed myself up on the email notification list, I did. While on the subject of maps, downloaded some historical ones from mapsorama.com, which I also hope to use in the new casa:
{Toronto 1894; Versailles 1866; the world 1596; 1581; 1628; cannibalism 1893}
I can't fall asleep these days because I'm assaulted with thoughts of paint colours, magnetic chalkboard walls, bed frames, throws, rugs, the fulton desk (the colour of the wood is amazing!), et cetera. Tentative move-in date: May 31st, 2010!
Let's distract ourselves, shall we? No, not by being productive and doing homework. How about one of my favourite Friends moments?
"hair dryer, no no no. shampoo and conditioners, uh, yes yes yes!"

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