Feb. 18, 2010

Long ago it must be / Urban Tree Salvage

Pretty cool store. They salvage about 9,000 fallen trees (due to urban development, storm damage, et cetera) each year, preventing the spread of insect infestation and disease to the rest of the tree population. They then make unique furniture pieces out of the rescued material. Also, we're talking about trees within the GTA! Short distance to transport the trees to the facility (so environmentally conscientious!) and as an owner of a piece, you can brag to your guests that your table is Torontonian! Me likey.
{photo credit: urbantreesalvage.com}

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  1. what text are you speaking of? i responded! unless...you are talking about a particular dogre? but if you are referring to a text to me...i know not what you speak of...

    also. i like zis wood shoppe you have featured heh