Feb. 6, 2010


{photo credit: twelvesouth.com}
Ahh- I was addicted to Coca Cola in my high school years and even made a pact with some friends to kick the habit. It didn't last. Sometime in my university years, however, cola and I went our separate ways. Well, to tell the truth, I was immersed in a brief yet passionate affair with ginger ale. Friends, cola and I (hand in hand, fingers intertwined) are happy to tell you that we're back together. And, hello? Why didn't anyone tell me how much better cola is with a wedge of lemon? I thought we were friends! Tui tui on you. I wouldn't be surprised if you slithered off to tell cola that I'm superficial and only returned for its enhanced flavour. Or that, occasionally, I sip a bit of its childhood enemy, Pepsi.
So I'm nursing my second glass of delicious fizz and my sugar high is going strong! Woo-wee, this is how we partay in our house! Played all of this week's PVR recordings (Modern Family, 30 Rock, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office, and Vampire Diaries. yes, Vampire Diaries. there, it's out in the open. I watch Vampire Diaries and thoroughly enjoy it) and had ourselves a crazy Saturday night! Actually, it was a party for one since the dogre passed out at eight, but I had a fun time! Too many exclamation marks in this paragraph! Fare thee well!
Up top and below, leather macbook cases called Bookbook. Awesome! Originally seen over at swissmiss.
{photo credit: twelvesouth.com}

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