Feb. 5, 2010

You don't relate to me, no girl.

Can you get nosebleeds from accidentally snorting Tide detergent? My nose burns and I'm tasting metallic goodness. Hmm... Well, I'm sorry to tell you that I haven't improved as a student. I was hoping that Continuing Ed. would be different since it's an interest I'm actively pursuing. But, here I am, well into the evening, finally putting a load into the washer and completely neglecting my magazine cover assignment. At least I'm multitasking! As I type, I'm petting (comforting) Rocky with my toes (the fire alarm went off and he freaks out when this happens. it's like the world is ending. or a 6 ft Milk-bone strolled into my home, secretly kicked him in the bung-hole when I wasn't looking,  and coldly told him that he would never, ever have the opportunity to savor another Milk-bone in his lifetime. ever. again. which would be the end of his world, yes.) Scampering off now. Offered to have dinner ready and he's on his way home but the stove isn't hot! On the left, Cinnamon Doughnut Muffins from The Noble Pig. It didn't tickle my fancy (too much nutmeg?) but the dogre really enjoyed it. They were apparently a "hit" at the station. Look at me! Talking about having dinner ready on the table (really, we set up two Ikea stools in front of our sofa) and him taking my baked goods to the "office"! Domestic Superstar? Turdhats. (you have to be an Everybody Loves Raymond fan to get this 'inside' joke. pssh. you outsider)


  1. mmmm~ those muffins look delicious~ i c you're turning into quite the domestic goddess! and you're totally out martha stewart-ing me! grrr... hehe but you know, its not nice to post pictures and not SHARE! jerk! hmph~

    btw i used to watch everybody loves raymond but i totally don't remember that... stop making things up :P

  2. after having a "taste" of three of these i can safely say that they are QUITE delicious~ how come mine didn't turn out like that? mine were like miniature jam volcanoes... :(