Feb. 23, 2010

Please please please let me get what I want / Dog-eared jewelry

I really think that my love for yellow gold has to do with aging. Same with floral patterns. I don't know why this topic merits a blog post but I just felt like sharing the many pretty items I've bookmarked on my Firefox.* By the by, I have a folder titled Wish List that I consistently update in hopes that the dogre will have no difficulty in getting me the perfect gift. So far, it hasn't worked...Maybe because everything is at a distasteful price range?

So, before I present what I've got, I'm going to bore you with nonsense about my relationship with jewelry. The one piece I wear every day is, obviously, my wedding band. I we fell in love with it (the Tiffany milgrain bands) when we first spied it online—sweet little details and all. I refused to look at any other. As for the engagement ring, I don't bother because a) it's a white gold band and I'm not interested in mixing white and yellow gold, b) I'm not really comfortable with wearing a fancy diamond ring on a daily basis—not that it's large, c) wedding band sans the engagement ring better suits my style and taste. Actually, when we were discussing rings, I had preferred something unconventional like a precious stone with a pop of colour that I could wear from time to time. The dogre, occasionally a traditional man of sorts, said nay to unique gems and I was very much against wasting spending thousands of dollars on a ring. He ended up with a beautiful and free (from his mum) diamond. So anyways, I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewelry (even though I'm a clutter bug in the casa) and will wear an additional piece only when I'm feeling adventurous. Even then, I stick to a small selection of necklaces/rings while the rest sit and collect dust. Oh well, they serve the purpose of adding character to the room!
So yes, our folder of wedding-related rings grew larger and larger. Since a wedding band is worn daily, paired with all kinds of clothing, for all types of occasions, I wanted something very clean and unassuming. Click image to enlarge and see all the intricate details.

What's that? You have money to burn and would like to treat me to a little gift? Sure, buy me one of the rings! I especially like the metro, nickola and black diamond stack rings. What? You'd like to know what other pieces I've dog-eared because you'd like to do even more? How about the Leica! Oh, okay, how about one of these...
*The dogre and I share my laptop and have a silent agreement that he uses Safari and I use Firefox. Ah, modern day married life.


  1. hehe i've been on 1stdibs.com all morning instead of working on my presentation... i want pretty shiny things too~

  2. hehehe this is such a delightful post! thanks for sharing your dog-ears!
    p.s. i heart the knot ring but i think you made the right choice with the millgrain :)