Jan. 12, 2010

Tuesday Digs: A Condo Owner's Backyard

The place we're currently renting is so small that we've "extended" our storage space into our balcony (big blue bins). As unsightly as it is, we don't have to worry about any complaint since our building neighbour is a big, ugly commercial building. Our future home will be slightly, ever so slightly, larger so I'm daydreaming about actually decorating our concrete backyard! I perused the internet and decided that...
...wooden tiles will be a nice touch:
 {photo source: thedeckingoutlet.com}
...a hanging pot to nurture flowers or vegetables will make our eyes and hearts smile:
{photo source: apartmenttherapy.com}
...a romantic lantern will provide a lovely evening ambiance:
{photo source: thekitchn.com}
...candles would be great too:
{photo source: apartmenttherapy.com} 
...furniture to seat and serve many will be a must:
{photo source: odd's flickr photostream}
...but if something smaller came in a punch of colour, I wouldn't complain:
...and of course, a cute little garden gnome would be the perfect friend:
{photo source: apartmenttherapy.com}


  1. but what if the garden gnome comes alive at night? can you really, truly trust him?

  2. oh, but of course! he'd be my friend! my loyal, trustworthy ami

  3. Oh no! Not the gnome lol.

  4. i don't think the gnome will have time to guard your balcony. he's quite the traveler!