Jan. 5, 2010

Tuesday Digs: Let's Talk Magic Boxes (a.k.a. refrigerators)

Since we live in such a small space, I'm constantly feeling the urge to purge and strive for a minimalistic look. So, you'd think I'd keep my fridge clean...but I don't—I present to you a diarrhea of photos, postcards, stamps, drawings, and the occasional recipe. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my childhood Magic Box was bare of A+ report cards, affectionate cards from mum to child/child to mum, or proud artwork.
It might explain why I felt the need to put up my drawings of a prissy eggplant in pink glasses, prepubescent potato, headset wearing broccoli, bowl haircut carrot, chubby peach, blueberry bosom buddies, perplexed apple, and a snarky looking banana in a blue-green polo. I wonder what hidden gems a psychologist could drudge up about me, based on my selection of fruits + veggie characters. I suppose the fact that I drew this at the age of 25 already says a lot...
In any case, for someone whose favourite past-time is eating, talking about food, looking at food photos, recipes, and thinking about food, I'm pretty disrespectful towards the Magic Box. The inside is as messy as the outside. I should be ashamed of myself!
{image credit: Sub-Zero.com}
Our new home will have a standard stainless steel fridge but in my dream home, I'd have the Sub-Zero with the glass door. Although, considering the fact that our fridge alternates between empty and messy due to our erratic grocery shopping schedule, this may be a terrible idea. Seriously, we had Christmas dinner leftovers in there for nearly two weeks....And I knew after the first week that I had no intention of eating any of it! Maybe a chalkboard fridge instead. Would that be unhygienic? I often wonder.
{image credit: Design*Sponge
How about a Big Chill refrigerator! Look at the many awesome colour options they've got. Look!

{photo credit: bigchillfridge.com}
Who owns the house with the powder blue fridge in the last few pictures? I want it! If you're reading this post, fancy home owner, give it to me! Look at all that space! And the beautifully distressed coffee table, the adorably mismatched dining set, and natural light. GIMME! (Insert creepy Gollum eyes and rage here.)
All this Magic Box talk has made me hungry. Must scavenge. Luckily, the dogre cleaned it out last night. What remains after the exorcism of old leftovers is a mystery to be unfolded and I am the unfold-er to unfold such a mystery. Now. Good day.
 {photo credit: Vintage-kat}


  1. Hey, my fridge is dang messy too. I wouldn't feel too bad about that. Like the pics you found. If I were to get a Big Chill fridge, it would be orange, my favorite color!

  2. Loving the orange too! That and the beige-ish colour-