Jan. 6, 2010

Wednesday Loves: I look awesome (Retro Panasonic Headphones)

Picture me wearing these headphones. Clearly, I look awesome, right? I can't help but feel like I'm better than you when I'm strolling down Bloor street with these on. You see me and I may look bored and mild but on the inside, I'm thinking "Teehee- yeah, these are mine, I'm hip, I'm cool!" And you're thinking "Woah, she must have a more refined and superior taste in music than me!" To tell you the truth, you're probably right...The real truth: I'm that goofy looking girl who looks a bit loopy and frazzled, listening to Christmas music even though it's June. But, I am feeling smug about one thing and it's that I've got warmer earsies than you! So, ha! (Unless you have a tuque or earmuffs on...in which case, stay out of this).
Kidding aside, the music really does sound better (in comparison to the white ipod ear-buds) and the price isn't too bad. I plan on furnishing our tiny balcony with little chairs and a round bistro table so that I can sit in the hot summer heat, wearing my oversized shades, feet up, book in lap, holding a glass of fancy fruity water, and listening to my music, leaving you in the dust of lameness. See ya!


  1. Cool headphones. I really like that horse or donkey that is pictured with the headphones. Where'd you get that?

  2. From Ikea (about 3 or 4 years ago)!