Jan. 19, 2010

Tuesday Digs: Spruce up your casa - Free DIY Labels

While perusing around in my favourite shop in Paris, I picked up a few vintage labels for a friend. And, at five euros a piece, I don't have to tell you that the dogre was looking over my shoulder, watching my every move, every selection, and every price tag. I felt guilty but had not yet learned that you could find free printable labels online. If only...In any case, I spent the first night of discovery setting up an assembly line (for one), searching, printing, cutting, gluing (when applicable) and stacking. By the end of my shift, my back was in knots, eyes dry, and fingers sore. But it was worth it! Fancy cotton swab jar and wee his and hers cookie jars? Yes please! Envy not because you too can be super snazzy. Just click on over to eatdrinkchic.com (here and here) and get ready to become Martha Stewart's third cousin, twice removed.
On an unrelated note, I checked our mailbox today (which is rare) and was super excited to see a mysterious package addressed to me. Cue in wild imagination involving an acceptance letter for a masters program that I never applied to, a reward for a contest I never entered, or maybe a surprise Etsy gift from the dogre! Cue in boring reality: the cheque books he had ordered last week. It wasn't a complete disappointment though—I flipped open one book to find images of monarch butterflies and dewy leaves! The dogre went and personalized our cheques with cheesy butterflies and foliage! This is entirely apposite of the dogre. Pause. Did I say 'apposite'? Indeed I did. It was in my January 17th word of the day email, meaning "being of striking appropriateness and relevance". Wow, I'm just stimulating your brain with my funnies and education, right? Right! It does you a lot of good to come visit me here. So, I signed up for these emails hoping to increase my vocabulary but of the thirty or so words, I've only retained maybe four. I can't seem to remember them unless they're fun to say. Like, fatuous and flibbertiggibet. Hehe...flibbertiggibet. So silly. It's even funnier to hear it on Merriam-Webster. She's got such a thick news anchor voice!

I leave you with a few favourites from Stephen Colbert:
  Hey yogurt, if you're so cultured how come I never see you at the opera?
  Here's a brain teaser for you. Your brain is ugly. (this doesn't make any sense but it just makes me giggle!)


  1. Me like! Me like!!!!
    this is such a fun + lovely post! talk to u very soooon! perhaps today?

  2. p.s. i also had the same reaction when i received my cheques in the mail recently ~

  3. I think I'd get excited to get checks to! So much more exciting than bills and junk mail. I'm going to make myself some snazzy labels too. Wanna have a craft day?!

  4. @ Penelope's Wardrobe: I'd love to have a craft day! Craft day/spiked coffee/cheap cooking day?!

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  6. btw, i still haven't used the labels... or the candle. i want to but it makes me antsy! they're too pretty~