Jan. 13, 2010

Wednesday Loves: Blues, blues, and more blues (no, just two)

I like to visit Kensington Market because it makes me feel really hip and indie. I also go for the burritos. Here are a couple of purchases from the Blue Banana Market that make my eyes smile.
This little whale usually comes in a set of animal friends but I suppose a few broke, as they were selling him individually. He's a candle holder but in my casa, he loves to store my bobby pins. Absolutely loves it. He told me so just the other day! Said it was a much appreciated career change, never really saw himself as a mini candle holder anyhow. You're welcome Little Blue, you're welcome.
When my eyes spied this popping up here, there, everywhere on the internet, I thought to myself, "it's nice, but ugh, I'm way too cool and unique to have what all the other households have." Lies! As soon as we saw them at the Market, we bought one. We felt extremely fancy and posh, we did. So here it sits atop our Ikea Hemnes dresser, behind Little Blue.
I attended my first graphic design class yesterday and learned a few basic Photoshop tricks that will leave me with a slimmer waist, shoulders, and jawline in all future photos. Oh, and kissable lips. Thanks education!


  1. slimmer waist huh? can you give me 6 inches, ripped biceps and washboard abs?

  2. hahaha! i want to hear all about your photoshop classes :DDDDDDDD and i love your blue whale and his new career...(quite fine and honorable i must say, though i'd like to be a candleholder anyday)

  3. um if that framed print ever goes missing one day it wasn't me! hehe it just looks so good in my envisioned future home~

    also please to cut down my jaws and give me a higher nose bridge and slim down the figure and add boobs and buttocks~ in real life would be nice too!