Jan. 1, 2010

Wednesday Loves: From London + Paris

I know Wednesday has come and gone but while you, my loyal reader, were anxiously refreshing this page for updates, I was having fits of panic getting on, staying on, and jumping off ski lifts. Sorry for being tardy! To make up for it, I was going to post a photo of my outfit - a one-piece snowsuit from the 80's, courtesy of the dogre's mom. Unfortunately, nobody took a picture of said Kodak moment! No worries, I've got my eyes on it for Halloween 2010.
So, I've returned from Blue Mountain with bruised knees, swollen fingers, and what feels like a truck ran over my arms. I was also a naughty girl and snorted some white stuff.....snooooow! Ha! I suffered two major wipe-outs and received some serious stink eye from a little kid (I got in her way). Ugh, who did she think she was? Actually, this has been the week of dirty encounters with the little people. I've had to maneuver and contort my inflexible body multiple times to avoid crashing into them on the slopes and skating rink. Here I am, breaking my back to ensure their safety and I get the mean looks! What is this?! And why are they so mean?! Their glares made my innards shrivel up. But, little did they know that when I was at a safe distance (from them), I was full of shaking fists and verbal venom (take that, Stink Eye!).
You might be thinking "Dogress, you're such a sweetheart, looking out for the safety of the little people!" I'm touched by your sincerity and yes, I am a sweetheart, but I want to admit to you that I'm mostly just scared of the little people. They make me uncomfortable. I never know what to say to them and usually end up in an awkwardly polite and formal one-sided conversation about their strawberry themed hair clips. I'm also scared that if I knocked one over, he/she would start wailing and everyone would look at me with disdain. Or, what if the kid started cussing at me and I cried?!

Moving along.

We flew over to London and Paris for our honeymoon. Had an amazing time but returned with thicker calves because of all the walking! Of course, I had to visit the shops along Oxford Street and Champs Elysees, as well as the Paris flea markets. My eyes devoured everything and my heart whimpered with desire, but alas, I was a good girl (the dogre may disagree) and limited myself to these items:

tea (Harrods)/blazer (Zara)
rings/bow tie necklace (Topshop)
#307 Orange Fizz + #15 Beige Naturel (Chanel)
 book (Shakespeare & Co)- awesome illustrations!
collar bell, lock+key, soldier (Tombees Du Camion)
Tombees Du Camion was by far my favourite shop of the trip. It was like an artful display of abandoned knickknacks, doohickeys, thingamabobs, and whatchamacallits. My heart fluttered as soon as I stepped into the space and I was hit with a wave of nostalgia (for what, I've no clue). I think the co-owner said the items were toy factory leftovers from the 19th century, but my memory is not to be trusted. I was too busy swooning over the visual eye candies. See for yourself:
Can we agree that this is my "shortest" post yet? You can thank my swollen fingers. Good day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. I fancy your blog. I feel this is a regression to our childhood years...appeasing our need to write down our thoughts. In any case, you have inspired me to write again. lurf lurf lurf.

  2. Happy new year and congratulations on your marriage! Love the photos from your honeymoon and rather envious of your purchases! :)
    Thank you for your very kind thoughts - as Ms. L said before me, my blog is just my online diary, a collection of thoughts I remember to bang out on my macbook and images I want to catalogue in some way. :)

    As to Up in the Air - there are no special effects that can't be done justice on the small screen so I'd say it's safe to wait for it to come out on DVD, unless you're a Clooney fan and want to see him on the big screen. ;)

  3. Hope you had a great time on your honeymoon! I love the rings you bought!

  4. Thanks! I love them too :)