Mar. 5, 2010

Underneath the leaves where the blackbirds turn blue / Looking towards summer

Don't these photos scream SUMMER?! I can't believe we're already five days into March. I'm not sure if I'm really drinking life in and slowing down to savour anything. It's like we're constantly looking forward—deadlines, dates, upcoming markers. Hoping for a summer filled with homemade ice cream, mini finger sandwiches, ice cold colas with lemon wedges, strolls in the new neighbourhood, window shopping for furniture pieces and chandeliers, and cycling on Centre Island again? Maybe even styled like this effortlessly chic girl below?
{photo credit: garance dore}
Just look at her! I've actually been unwell and cooped up indoors for the past couple of days, longingly flipping through this season's J.Crew and Anthropologie catalogs.
I really, really love the J.Crew's menswear lines. Never disappointed.
By the way, did you notice some new additions to my blog? Over there, on the top left. I've started an online recipe box with the hopes of trying each recipe at least once, before the year is up. If you're up for it, why don't you test some out as well? Decadent chocolate cakes and truffles? Comforting soups? Fancy breakfasts?!


  1. you can't be that girl! i want to be that girl! and i'd rather wait for you to cook and then be the willing taste-tester~ but will definitely check out your other blog!

    *sigh* i want a brand new spring/summer wardrobe... we deserve one. its befitting of our F4 lifestyle! :P

  2. i too am looking forward to the summer stuffs...perhaps..i shall *gasp*

  3. and YES to cycling (and strawberry daiquiris) on centre island!!

  4. excuse me, it's been 5 days. new material?