Mar. 2, 2010

Your skin makes me cry / High tea time at the Windsor Arms Hotel

So high tea at the Windsor Arms was very fun! Not the best quality food but really good tea and worth the experience! I'd go again! Anyone? Yes? No? Finn, it'd be a really neat spot for Mother's Day! They have a second room that looks oh-so-quintessentially tea room-y and warm. So okay, we selected the Full Tea which included...
A CHOICE OF THEIR LOOSE-LEAF TEAS: The dogre had Chai Arms (ceylon, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and black pepper) while I had the Tibetan Tiger (black tea with hints of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch). Mine was delicious. The best I've ever had, which says a lot because, you know, I'm clearly a tea connosieur. The dogre liked it too. As for his chai, he said it was good but I wouldn't know since I turned up my nose. I dislike chai as much as I dislike people who waste ketchup. We had our own large tea pots, by the way. So fun! No?
FRESH SCONES WITH PRESERVES AND DEVON CREAM: What the crap is devon cream? Is it a fancy term for butter? Because the dogre ate the whole ramekin of it. Anyhow, mmm, buttery scones (some with raisins) and tart jam in cute mini jars, which we took as souvenirs...Dun, dun dun!
FRESH SANDWICHES: Hmm, not sure about the fresh part. The bread was pretty soggy. The dogre, who is the human disposal can, had to force himself to eat a couple of the smoked salmon with caviar, oven-roasted tomato, and cream cheese. They were that bad. As for the grilled chicken with citrus essence, they were okay. Tasted like tuna? I enjoyed the baby greens with asparagus, cucumber salsa, and chive cream cheese. But again, the bread was wet!
PETITS FOURS: Took these home because we were uncomfortable from all that consumption. Really yummy raspberry mousse, brownie, and lemon meringue. I have no clue what the fourth one was—didn't like it. Oh, and notice the edible gold? We're living the high life! Bling, bling and...all dem tings? Maybe we should have shaved it off and tried to sell it to Oliver Jewelry. Would that have worked? We could use the money!
BERRIES AND WHIPPED CREAM: Just strawberries. Good.
Okay, time to tidy up and head to bed. Otherwise, I'll get an earful from the Sleep Police. Oh, and now I'm on the hunt for a pretty multi-tiered dessert stand!


  1. ooh~ i want to go!! let's~

    and i agree with your opinion of both chai tea, and ketchup wasters! :P

  2. hahaha!...the sleep police...

    i have always wanted to go there but never have!
    it would be LoverLy to go with the mums! (and your mom too? or is that asking too much?)

  3. @ eun ji: k, let's go go go- if not for the full set, at least for the tea and maybe just a few delectable edibles? :)

    @ Finn: i'll definitely ask her. but it'll be surprising if she can make it out!

    @ - farmhouse: you love it! it's super fun, monsieur!