Mar. 29, 2010

Shed some light on things / Goodies from afar

I love snail mail! Particularly when they introduce me to their travel mates—gifts! A buddy of the dogre's recently sent us a package of goodies from Busan (along with a sweet note that was ridiculously challenging to open up and I eventually...kind of...sort of...ripped up here and there. in my defense, it was a very complex heart shaped origami fold that must have taken a gajillion steps to make, I'm sure). Looking forward to more of this from my seastar (not so subtle hint hint, nudge nudge) when she leaves me this summer...for 4 to 5 years.

By the by, I never cared for birds as pets but was very tempted after looking at the flickr photo set here. I never knew you could bond like that with birdies!

And check out the jobs of yesteryear.


  1. very nice!

    speaking of gifts, why don't you try sending me some, jah?
    hehehehehe j/k j/k you've sent me plenty of stuff stuffs

  2. @ -farmhouse: why don't YOU send ME something! i hear there are quite a few fun shops in seattle. please and thank you!