Mar. 2, 2010

Here at last you see your ancient face / Don't cussing point at me!

So, while brushing my teeth and trying to get rid of the garlicky breath, I started thinking about this amazing and high trafficked blog of mine and once again, reflected upon the concern that I may be coming off as superficial and filled with purely materialistic interests. Actually, this all started because last night, my mom mentioned my blog. Not that she follows it—I pulled it up a couple of months ago to brag about my pasta pie since she was fretting over me not feeding her precious son-in-law.
So I got to thinking...let's just pretend she knows how to open the internet browser, relocate my blog, and language barrier is not an issue. Would it come off as immature? Shallow? Okay, following this train of thought, I felt the unnecessary urge to post about it. If she could read this, I'd tell her,
Mum, I'm a 'mah-tour' individual with a fair, if not excessive, share of meaningful, serious, adult-like thoughts and concerns. Fortunately, I have a supportive dogre and some amazing friends (including myself—I'm my own best listener, most of the time) that I can confide in when I need to address the serious matters in life. It's  actually highly undesirable to allow an overflow of these thoughts and conversations onto this blog. Everyone has a reason for starting a blog. Mine, I would say, is to maintain an online home for the NOUNS that catch my attention and (for the most part) positively affect+influence my eyes/heart/ears/nose/tastebuds/mind. Maybe I'm indirectly gushing about the dogre, writing about the shops and eateries that I've visited (I heart food pornography!), or cataloging my decorating inspirations. Or maybe I feel like having a Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling moment. It's definitely about me expressing my creativity and mood through words and images. It's also very much filtered. I'm a private person who has full control over what I let through, and this in fact enhances my blogging experience—it's storytelling. It's a place where I can shoot the cuss (isn't it fun trying to guess which word I'm replacing?). So, don't you worry! I'm still the same apprehensive* daughter of yours. And also, maybe reconsider your strategy of pointing out my flaws to the mother-in-law. I know you're proud of me and it's your humble, twisted way of showing me off, but I don't think it's working!
SIDE NOTE: In an example of just how deep and seriously contemplative I am, check out my post title. It's a line from One Flight Down by Norah Jones. Me thinks it's about death. Right? Oh ho ho, how deep am I?! Very. Proven. Done. Good day.

*Apprehensive (MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM);
1. capable of apprehending or quick to do so : discerning
2. having apprehension : cognizant
3. viewing the future with anxiety or alarm
Wes Anderson's doodles make me giggle. I love his attention to detail! This look for Ash wouldn't be nearly as good if they had used the entire foot.

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