Mar. 19, 2010

First Impressions + Wanderlust

When I was 18 my Family Studies teacher, while on the topic of childcare, opened my eyes to the wonder that is Denmark. Later in university, Sociology courses revisited the country with enviable higher standard of living, health, and environmental conscientiousness. This was a brief period where I was fired up over the national childcare and daycare issues in Canada and wished to move to Denmark if/when I raised a family (only the best for the dogress and her little ones). Fast forward to present time, when we find family life less appealing, have a preoccupation with the here and now and ups and downs of new condo ownership. Dreams of Denmark were shuffled into the creaky attic of my brain, tangled in icky cobwebs of baby names, career aspirations (vet + flight attendant!), and years of education. Last night while peeping through my blog reading list, a friend reignited my interest (in the country, not babies). I had heart palpitations over the ridiculously beautiful life (through images) a Canadian was enjoying in Copenhagen. Great, don't you just have it all now, Denmark! Since, for many reasons, we can't scamper off to Copenhagen and live a visually obese life of beauty, I've resolved to fall in love with Canada again (well, not again—for the first time). Specifically, the city of Toronto. Hmm, but I can't help but compare the stark contrast of ours to the historically and architecturally rich cities elsewhere. 
[sources unknown, sorry!]
Even the doors are more beautiful in Europe (though I'm pretty certain a couple of them are from the U.S.). And I've yet to visit a park (or garden) in Toronto that could made my heart flutter and encourage peaceful daydreaming like the ones in Paris and NYC. Have I not properly met Toronto? Am I not frequenting the right spots? Are there really places in this city that provide...

...a spot for people watching and daydreaming
...whimsical carousels
...manicured (or largely majestic) trees music
...beautiful fountains
...miniature sailboats
...grand libraries
...romantic streets
...and waters well as structures

Even the staircases in Europe are beautiful! Cuss!
If you really want some heartache, click here. Do it! You're not my friend if you don't. So beautiful. Ridiculous oozing and sobbing of wanderlust.

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