Mar. 3, 2010

Forever lettuce hope / Food styling and photography

Had I known back in high school that careers like food stylist and photographer existed, maybe I'd have reconsidered my academic choices! It's interesting to read about some of their techniques and I can't get enough of the beautiful photos. My favourites here. Seriously, can you please go take a look-see? It'll leave you salivating out the eyes and mouth!


  1. ooh those photos make both my eyes and tummy yearn for more~ luckily i have my kancho to tide me over for now... *sigh*

    btw have you seen this necklace from disney couture ? both the price and the design are over the top but it dazzles me... hehe

  2. @ eun ji: wow! $900! i can just picture a petite girl wearing it, paired with something right out of the j.crew catalog. ugh to her!