Mar. 19, 2010

Le Sigh. Le big freakin' sigh.

Rocky's expression perfectly sums up my mood for this week. Nose flared, lips pursed, and eyes crossed with a touch of despair/exasperation (I might be reading too much into the photo now. just maybe). It's been a tough few days—I lost a loved one on Monday morning. And then I suffered an unnecessary dish washing accident involving the following sequence of events: crashing mug, bloody bathtub, pizza and ginger ale (so that I wouldn't faint?), subway ride (it's called frugality, beech!), the ER, four stitches, lobster (fried rice for me. mm, it was good), and ice cream. 
So, maybe it's because of said events that I was particularly irritable or maybe it's because people were that obnoxious, but I had an awful evening at my class tonight. First of all, the lecturer, though appreciatively enthusiastic and passionate, had such a thick accent that I couldn't understand 85% of what she was saying. Secondly, she was yelling! Really, every friend of mine has heard of my strict indoor-outdoor voice policy and can only applaud me for enduring three hours of ear rapeage. My ears were ringing just ten minutes into the lecture. She was speaking that loudly! And then she was baffled as to why she was losing her voice an hour into the lecture?! So, there I was, seated, ears ringing, stomach aching, head throbbing, and then (unbelievable) I had to add sore jaw to the list! It was so painful that I was unknowingly clenching my teeth in angst. 
Now let's move on to the classmates. Holy bajoly! This one ridiculous lady arrived thirty minutes late, strolling in and interrupting the lecturer mid-sentence with a loud "hi" followed by "I'm late." She then proceeded to noisily settle in and continued to disrupt the class with stupid questions—stupid because she was so busy texting, emailing, and facebooking that she didn't hear the lecturer and would ask unnecessary questions, all with this disgustingly huffy voice and rolling eyes. Oh, and we can't forget the staple set of chatty females. Really, these people in their mid-thirties to late forties were cackling and prattling about. Twice, they were shushed by fellow classmates and eventually quieted by the lecturer. What is it with adult learners? I've never witnessed such frequent displays of disrespectful behaviour among students until I attended these evening classes. Classes filled with grownups with this haughty air of entitlement and rudeness about them. I stormed (hobbled) out in anger when we were dismissed and the dogre found me on the street curb, all deflated and dejected. Sounds like I'm being melodramatic but I seriously curled up on the curb and pouted into the darkness. I may have also sent evil thoughts to certain individuals.
And don't even get me started on occupancy fees for new condo owners. Glad for the weekend and very much looking forward to the end of the dogre's eight-day shift. Okay, this grumpy goose needs to rub some polysporin on her toesies and head to bed now. Fare thee well.

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