Mar. 10, 2010

My heart goes pitter patter / Leather goods

I started Illustrator 1 this week and thought I'd fool around for a bit (ever since I changed to a Mac, I've been going through some serious MS Paint-withdrawal! yes, I just compared Illustrator to Paint). Have to say, it wasn't the least bit painful since (in the name of research) I leisurely sifted through photos of my favourite purses. Clearly, all bags are out of my price range and I can only admire from afar—ho hum. Let's begin with my all-time favourite Chloe. Don't forget to click images to enlarge—you must appreciate the details and colours of each bag! Do it! --> I just clicked the images and only two will enlarge to original size. why is that? someone explain this to me!
Something to feel work savvy and scholarly?
And for a balanced life, something for apres work and the weekends!
While we're daydreaming, does anyone have some chump change to gift to me a Chanel? Yes, yes, you there?!
{photo credit: coach from; hermes from garance dore; tory burch from shopbop; topshop from topshop; all others from search}

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