Apr. 29, 2010

I'm not here to spit in your face - I'm here to blow at your back. / A birthday.

So of all the cute photos (of my brother. seriously, he was the cutest baby ever. like, baby/toddler model worthy. will scan and show one day.) I could have posted, I chose this unflattering shot of him. But, in all fairness, check out my receding hairline action. Why did that lady pull my hair back so tight? Note to self, if we ever have kids, let hair loose and wild. Happy birthday, brother. You're as goofy and fun as you are obnoxious. And we're talking bloodcurdling obnoxious.


  1. even then you couldn't stop yourself from stuffing your face!!!


  2. @ -farmhouse: SILENCE! food is one of my bestest of the best friends! hehe, remember the movie best of the best? the super old taekwondo movie?