Apr. 18, 2010


We've been spotting Volkswagen buses all around the city. Are they holding a convention? :) I've seen more this week than I have my whole life! Have always wanted one—I get giddy at the mere sight of them.
Also, I am the monopoly king. That or the dogre sucks. Oh, and it's important that you know that I'm not the professor—I'm always the mayor. And those two skyscrapers? Mine. Yeah, $2000 if you land on the Powerpuff girls' home, sucker! Yes, we own the Powerpuff Girls edition. And yes, the dogre is Bubbles.


  1. one thing you must understand about the dogre and his two family-mates...we don't do games. we got a used copy of monopoly one year, and it was missing the instructions, so we didn't play with the property pieces. we just went round and round to get out of jail and collect $200. :D whee!

  2. @ Finn: your story made me giggle. that's so sad! what did you think the houses and skyscrapers were for then?! or the property cards! don't worry..when i was younger, my brother made up rules and would cheat me constantly. he denies it now, but it's the truth. even still, i came out kiiiiing! as for the dogre, me thinks his game plan and moves are stale. heh.