Apr. 24, 2010

Ha! Take that my fat metal friend!

a few years ago the dogre and I were at Ikea (he has bravely suffered through many Ikea trips; I was an addict. and it was my special mission to come up with reasons why I needed a lazy susan, extra duvet covers, cookie cutters, etc). we were in the parking lot when I saw an unattended dog in a car and the weather, let me tell you friend, wasn't good (to be honest, it's hazy to me now whether it was winter or summer...but never-you-mind)! I was furious. I'm one of those people whose heart dies a little everytime a WWF or WSPA bitty airs. moreso than when, say, ...no, I won't finish that sentence lest you non-animal lovers cruelly judge me. okay, back to the situation. I was so upset that I...left a warning note, of sorts. and guess what I wrote? 
next time,  I'll call the human society. 
yes, human! why, oh why, did I miss the e!? I only realized when it was too late...pathetic. but true. and that, mon friend, is one of very few stories that I'm "privileged" to share with you—a story of the brevity of the dogress and her never ending journey to seek justice and protection of all four-legged friends. actually, that would be the one and only story. 

on a related note, my highly academically acheived friend, jeudi, once said, and I quote,
fists of furry.
heehee, hilarious.

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