Apr. 12, 2010

Running with scissors.

when I was about seven or eight, I was involved in a love triangle. I remember our first minor strife—my uneventful introduction to Jealousy and Inadequacy.  we were cutting our murals with the safety scissors the teacher provided when I noticed the boy looking at my girlfriend's handiwork with approval. I swear to goodness, I have a scissors+(in)accuracy complex to this day. unfortunately, I fear that my lacklustre skills have carried over to my Illustrator activities...nonetheless, voila ici, my temporary wallpaper (click). oh, and more bag lust: the chloe louise satchel.
      {images from net-a-porter-.com}

1 comment:

  1. who was the boy? and who was the girlfriend?
    was there a catfight? catfight!!!!!!!