Apr. 5, 2010

The long weekend in a snapshot. Or two...or three...or a few.

A bit of food...
Recipe for the braised tofu here.
Lin Garden in Scarborough. Really good Chinese-Indian Hakka food.
The in-laws are trying to sell off some pieces so I spent a few minutes snapping photos around their house.
Rocky had the most fun this weekend, tagging along on for the bike rides, enjoying some drive-by barking,* and rolling over dead bugs. Ahh, how lovely! And now we return to the typical Toronto spring weather full of gloom, wind, and rain. At least we have Monopoly!
*Rocky used to love all dogs. But, when he was about two or three years old, we took him to a park and some random dogs ganged up on him. Since then, he's only been friendly to doggy friends of the past (though it's a one-sided love. one-sided on Rocky's part) and animals of different species. When he encounters unfamiliar dogs, he freaks out about 98% of the time. Le sigh. In any case, biking is heaven on wheels for him—he gets to sit leisurely in the basket while efficiently terrorizing dogs. Drive bike-by barking at its finest, really.


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  2. that first picture is gross.

  3. Hello!
    Wow, it's been along time! It looks like you've been busy blogging in the meantime! We need to catch up. Coffee sometime this week, or maybe Saturday?

  4. @ -farmhouse: you're gross!

    @ penelope's wardrobe: saturday brunch? :)