Apr. 26, 2010

Etsy, etsy, etsy. Oh, etsy.

I want this brass shelf by Phoebe Howard. I first spied it on Habitually Chic and noticed it popping up here and there. But I can't find information on it and it's bothering me, despite the one trillion percent likelihood that we could never, ever afford it. It just tickles my fancy; it's my dream shelf. I want to have its babies.

So Apartment Therapy shared their favourite Etsy shops. And, naturally, I tirelessly scrutinized each one. Me likey Hindsvik, olive dear, and bluebellbazaar. Found a lot of wonderful pieces, and then some! Here we go...

Beautiful boxes and crates.

Some sweet prints.

Antique trays.
Antique tins.

More things.

And more.

Drats! The meister tin has been claimed. I had been holding off for two weeks because we were suppose to take a trip to the antique markets, which was canceled. It was cheap too..In any case, piewacket reuses the old tins in a visually appealing way, here.

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  1. hmmm don't you have something very similar to the meister tin? you should give to me instead.

    is all. lurf.