Apr. 3, 2010

I don't beg, I don't borrow, I steal / Schwiiinn-tastic!

The dogre scoured Craigslist and got me a fancypants Schwinn cruiser! And just in time too because sunshine is just shooting out of the city's bunghole! Hoorah! Too many exclamation marks! Sorry! No I'm not! On a sadder note, Mia's staying at my brother's place for the next little while. I miss her so. And Rocky's depressed without her. The dogre—ehh. 
As a tribute to her, I decided to include her in the photo. What? No, it's not really because my eyelids were all droopy and I had double-chin action going on. Are you calling me vain?! EH? No, it's not because I'm a paranoid nut who goes through retarded measures to protect my "identity" on the internet... Moving along! 
Tomorrow will be yet another glorious day and I'm antsy to get back on Percy (that be the bike's name. why did I name it? well, finn asked what it was and at first, I was all, "whaat? beeches be loco!"—a candy for the person who can name that show—but then came up with one anyway. even still, naming bikes? pish. lamepants! laptops, sure, but bikes? really? my laptop is called jem, by the way. no wait, scout? atticus? what the crap, I forgot! another candy to the person who can name that novel). 
All this sunshine is making me think about what songs to bop to this summer. Wow, hey, why did I just write that. Bop isn't even in my vocabulary! Well, clearly it is...Okay, so, we've been listening to this  a lot in the last few months:

Ahh- seastar, your favourite girl in the whole wide world (next to me, of course)! Doesn't she look beautiful here? (but nothing compared to me, right?) Staying on the topic, here are some great summer soundtracks/albums to check out, seeing as how my readers (about a gajillion now) just adore me and eat up everything I write (I say "jump" and my readers say "how high? by the way your shoulders do not look broad and I'll jump right after I feed you this delicious burger and sweet potato fries. both covered in sharp cheddar cheese. and here's your cold glass of cola. you look amazing in that top, by the way. why would the dogre call it a pink muumuu?! thanks for being my friend and continuing this amazing blog. there's cotton candy for you after this meal.").

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER, across the universe, marie antoinette, the sea [corinne bailey rae], the fall [norah jones], volume 1 [she & him], break up [pete yorn & scarlett johansson]

A few songs...

comme des enfants [coeur de pirate], french navy man [camera obscura], bruises [chairlift], goodnight moon [said the whale], lisztomania [phoenix], empire state of mind [jay z]*, daylight [matt & kim], night rocker [the chalets], hallelujah [k.d. lang], secret [joe purdy], BROWN EYED GIRL [JAMES TAYLOR], creep [karen souza], gimme sympathy [metric], floating down a river [jason damato], we got the love [ryan shaw], lay lady lay [magnet], you look so good [owen brady], la la la [the birds and the bee]

And yes, yes...

feist, madeleine peyroux, norah jones, priscilla ahn, tearliner, corinne bailey rae, lenny kravitz, snow patrol, radiohead, michael buble, the cardigans, CASKER, clazziquai, coldplay, kanye west, rachael yamagata, ray lamontagne, florence and the machine, a fine frenzy

I like my summer tunes A) all lazy and dreamy—songs that make love to the heat and make me feel all drunk and superficially deep, like I'm starring in an indie Zach Braff film, before he got lame— and B) super rambunctious, like I'm drinking in a rock concert. What! Am I a poet? Or have I had too many painkillers? Excuse me for trying to survive my lady week! Seriously, I was telling the dogre that if someone offered to take away the pain in exchange for pushing a kid to the ground, I'd do it. Actually, I'd even do it for fifty buckaroos, so long as the kid didn't get hurt and no one was looking...

Oh, and CELINE DION! But of course! Taking chances? Because you loved me?! And the Bodyguard soundtrack! Celine and Whitney—all year round. Fantastical!


  1. ohhh noice. the bike picture is very Donnie Darko! i also have not heard of most of the artists you listed there...perhaps i take a listen sometime stuffs. (really? you listen to kanye west?)

  2. and yah scarlett is beautiful (but not as much as you of course!) :)

  3. whee~ i hope this means you'll constantly be harassing me to go on bike rides to woodbine beach or lakeshore or anywhere else that's nice and romantic~ ^^

  4. @ -farmhouse: yeah, i'm badass!

    @ eun ji: heh, i've been biking every day! of course, it'll be hibernating while it rains in toronto for the next little while...but once the weather is back, let's go on that date!