May 3, 2010

Le Petit Prince B&B (Montreal)

Some time ago, we took a spontaneous one night trip to Montreal, specifically to visit this bed and breakfast. The b&b is very charming, unique, a short walking distance to the main shopping and entertainment streets, and they provide a delicious complimentary breakfast!
We were the only guests and even the staff headed home for the night. I found myself startled with every breath the house took (wooden floors sighing, pipes coughing...) since I'm not used to sleeping in a house (actually...I also get antsy at hotels and unfamiliar apartments...and camping...). But, because it was empty, we had the opportunity to leisurely stroll through the whole house, inspect each suite, eat our wraps, and sip our colas in absolute privacy.
Basically, there are 5 rooms: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Ivory room—each uniquely designed and full of character (we stayed in the Yellow room). Look below for a few photos and hop over to the website for information and availability.
Breakfast...They also served chocolate pastries but we gobbled them up before remembering to snap a picture.
Did you see the red kitchen? Loving the magic box!

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