Jun. 6, 2010

She like laugh at that and a gone a Canada.

We had a pretty fantastic Saturday! Woke up all relaxed, mid-morning and lounged before heading out for some furniture shopping. Voila ici.
Yes, the tulip knockoff. And did you know they serve beer at Ikea? Something about drinking in a family friendly place like Ikea seemed badass so I felt compelled to order a bottle with my meal. Because, I mean, I am badass, so I need to do my part, you know? Next up, rugs, wall decor, new lighting for the den (above the dining table), and furniture for our gaaarden.
We're quite pleased with how everything is coming together but I have to admit that it all feels a bit too modern and sleek. In contrast, my inspiration folder is full of images that exude a non-fussy, airy, rustic farmhouse-esque/lovingly distressed feel. I'm itching to make this place more homely but need to remind myself that we're intentionally creating a space that will attract future buyers. But I'm not complaining. This isn't a complaint! I do really love each piece—but we're careful to acquire versatile items that can be used differently at another place and time.
SIDE NOTE: planning for the wedding, the ceremony, and moving into our first home all felt very natural to us. but buying a full bed set really got to me and it was as if I only now realized that I was married, had a husband, and was in this specific stage in life! and today, shopping for dining tables, was another reminder. more importantly, as we stuffed our faces with meatballs and mashed potatoes and chatted about the people in the playground just outside (we love people watching and making snarky comments), it happened; our first discussion about kids without it dripping in repulsion and feelings of anxiety/nausea. still prefaced with ifs and one thousand percent certainty that if we ever decided to procreate, it wouldn't be for at least another four or five years, but something was definitely different. and it unnerved us. It's giving me hives just typing about it right now. Have you read We Need To Talk About Kevin? Don't; if you're on the fence about children, don't! Let's change topics. We also visited Sheridan Nurseries and started up a mini garden on our balcony. Sweet million tomatoes and chives, mon friends! 
Hmm, I wonder if the secret ingredient to the fertilizer is sewage sludge. Dun, dun, dun!
Our lack of proper tools (the basics, really. pliers!) resulted in a lengthy but rewarding bike ride to Home Depot. Rewarding because I got to eat at Harvey's and Mad Italian Gelato Bar (pistachio and hazelnut). Leave me be, there were a lot of slight, barely-there inclines hills and I needed the energy! I had to mask my eyes because they looked all sneaky. But never-you-mind that, pay attention to my legs; they look so long! But, so does my torso. I'm what you call a flip phone body.
We finally celebrated Rocky's sixth birthday (two weeks late). Got him a peanut butter cookie bigger than his face!


  1. ooh! nice new background! to go with the new place?
    ooh...garden! wonderful!
    sounds like a fun day!!!
    i called today to see if you wanted to go to the vegetarian association 'compassion fair'...twas lovely ~ perhaps we can check out the wychwood barns together sometime!

  2. @ JJ Finn: background to make my photos look nicer and make it easier when I fiddle with adobe! the garden...exciting but now we're not getting any sun! for a whole week, it was scorching hot and sunny and then the day we decide to get our veggies, nothing but shade and wind! I emailed/called back but didn't hear from you.

    @ - farmhouse: but of couuuurse!