Jun. 20, 2010

The beauty is there, but a beast is in the heart.

It's like eating bread sandwiched in more bread. There is a movement in our casa to decrease meat consumption and I'd say it's going decently well. Also, being the music master that I am, minions have approached me asking, "Dear talented music master of good taste and beauty, what pairs well with tasteless 'sausage' and 'beef' patties?" So here you go, lowly subordinates, take a listen. Quickly—before I take the whole lot of you and thrash you with this hand! And then bash you with this hand! And then take both hands and give you a massage to loosen you up! Don't get it? Well then, A) you're so uncool, 2) watch below, and PICKLES) is the name of a tiny chihuahua in the building across from us. She's very cute.
So, to tell you the truth, no one messaged me with said song pairing requests, but I have been receiving fan mail that's borderline flattering/stalker-esque, mostly about my gorgeous legs from a previous cycling photo. No, another lie, no fan mail. But the dogre says I'm purdy! Okay, so here are songs for you, dogre. In my journey to one day become a vegetarian, I also discovered that there is a sistah inside of me who occasionally comes out to play. Whenever something bluesy/soulsy/fill-in-the-blank plays, she takes over my mind and body and deceives me into thinking I've got rhythm. And for those few minutes, my eyes get all droopy and I groove to the music, all slinky and sexy. And then, I catch my reflection in a mirror and shrivel back up into the gangly dogress that I am. But in case you've got actual rhythm and soul (pfft—doubtful), I've added Divine Brown's song below.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait (featuring Beck)
The Bird and The Bee - Maneater
Pete Yorn - I Don't Know What To Do (featuring Scarlett Johansson)
Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun
Divine Brown - Lay It On The Line

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