Jun. 11, 2010

Jedd's Frozen Custard Patisserie Cafe

Earlier this week, I was waiting for the train when Lady Antebellum's Need You Now played on my ipod and I found myself blushing and staring at my shoes, as if those around me had super powers and could tell what I was listening to. But it's okay, because the Smiths came on next and I quickly reverted to light foot tapping and observing fellow commuters with lowered eyelids, knowing how much cooler I was than them. I mean, if it's on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, it's obviously hip, no?
So another reason I know that I'm cool, besides my taste in music, is because I frequent cool spots like Jedd's Frozen Custard patisserie cafe. The decor and vibe ooze awesomeness and I know I fit right in. Oh, and the frozen chocolate custard is so good! They're giving out free custards until August 1st (go on their website to print the coupon).


  1. Hey hey!


    We just started a "Jedd's Frozen Custard" page on facebook and were hoping you would post this review and your AWESOME pics, in the "Reviews" section. We would love to throw up a link to your blog in return. Let us know what you think, and come spoon with us again soon!