Jun. 6, 2010

I can't change! I'm like a chameleon - always a lizard! / Food photoburst

Ever since we moved in last week, we've been frugal with our electricity and water usage. And it's not because we're environmental. Plain and simple, we're aiming for the lowest of the low possible bills! I think we're doing very well. 
But, it's made me hesitant about cooking and baking. The only thing we've used is the microwave (to nuke our veggie "sausage" patties below). Meals from May 24 at Kachi (mediocre).

Fancy desserts from my Shoe!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so this photoburst is very much incomplete. Tears. Just imagine delicious dim sum, pasta, sushi, Korean, pad thai...The beers were for moving day and since we didn't have a functioning fridge, we did it hotel-style.
The veggie patty was tasteless. Like eating bread between two slices of bread! And they were so puny...How embarrassing.
And the saddest of them all—our impromptu "breakfast" before the dogre headed off to work today. Tonight, me thinks I will actually heat up the stove top and cook up some pasta. For one. More tears. I wish I could have delicious chicken and chive dumplings at Cha Liu instead.

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