Jun. 9, 2010

Mouse and Papabubble

There's nothing better than snail mail from friends...Unless it's a snail package. Or better yet, a snail package full of candy! Deliciously hand-crafted soda filled candies and a lollipop as large as my face arrived by courier, courtesy of mon friend, monsieur paille-baie. If I won the lottery, I'd have a guy who traveled around the world solely to mail me sweetly packaged confectioneries! Rocky, who is usually a wonderful and compliant model, was all mopes and glares and refused to partake in my artistic visions.
Models—they have their good days and bad days. Sometimes, it's magic. And other times, visual diarrhea. Go on Papabubble's website to see hard candies do their thing and strut their stuff, leaving Rocky in their tasty candy dust.
Yet another reason to visit Barcelona.

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