Jun. 3, 2010

I think I was always misunderstood.

The move was successful, save a few obnoxious hiccups (we were without a working fridge for four days. devastating condiments casualty in this household. don't worry, the ketchup survived). Still preoccupied with a few details; customer care staff and trade workers coming in and out. Also, the dogre and I have been earnestly discussing my short term-long term (career) goals and plans, which I'll share once I've got something more concrete to divulge (for now, it remains a fluff of hopes, dreams, and starry eyes. sort of, not really). In the mean time, enjoy this amazing commercial, shared on A Cup of Jo:
No photos until we've tidied the place up! Our "den" is still barricaded with boxes. But, psst—we've officially graduated into adulthood: a full bed set! Flat sheets, more pillows than necessary, new duvet covers and all.

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