Dec. 10, 2009

Photoburst: Farewell fall, hello hwinter

Welcome, Winter! I don't think I'll ever get used to your brisk arrival. 
Here are some pictures of what we've been up to in the past couple weeks (pigging out).  
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D.T. Bistro Patisserie: chocolate symphony + flourless chocolate cake (decadent!)
{top} recipe from finn: apple crumble
{bottom} chewy molasses-spice cookies (yum, yum yum!)
Dad's Own Cookbook, Bob Sloan: blueberry + banana pancakes (very doughy...)
Rocky joined in on the eating festivities!
And Mia? She flirted with the camera.


Holiday decorations! Well, to be honest,that's all we've got up...Oh, and a paper mistletoe that the dogre sneakily taped up. He said our place is too small for a tree this year :(  We've also finally started on our Christmas shopping. My enthusiasm is still low but I'm hoping it will pick up now that I've downloaded the super neat Gift Guru app! It's going to help me plan, budget, and organize all present and future gifts!  I've been toying with the idea of donation gifts like this one to WSPA but fear that the recipients will be unhappy. Maybe I'll make one out to rocky + mia instead...
  Gap trapper hat: Keeps my head warm. I am 1000% dork in this hat but it's so soft and warm that I just don't care. Besides, goofy is the new sexy, is it not? Huh? It's not? Hmm.. then I don't think I'll post a particularly graceless photo of me learning and retiring from the guitar world, all in one night (last night).

I'm a little shy about posting face-revealing pictures up in the blog world. Hopefully I'll get over this timidness, as it's preventing me from presenting a more accurate depiction of the going-ons of our wee lives.

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  1. hellooo asteroidb12-er!!!
    I'm so impressed with your baking and the more-frequent updates!
    did you remember to put flour in your apple crumble? yum!!

    i lurv the hat!