Dec. 20, 2009

The hills are alive with the smell of cheese curds~

The dogre surprised me tonight with a trip to the Princess of Wales Theatre for a viewing of The Sound of Music (my first musical). It was great!
Loved: the set design, "So Long, Farewell" and little Gretl.
Despised: my chatty neighbour who, at one point, started to sing along (until I gave her a death-glare) and vocalized (through "awws" and clucking) how gosh-darn-cute the von Trapp kids were. I couldn't hear Maria because of her! Listen lady, we didn't shell out lots of money and don my fancy (and only) blue dress to listen to you sing.
Also? I occasionally felt that the singing of some of the cast members was weaksauce. I'm no expert but, you're on my blog and in my blog, I reign and rule all. That is all. No wait, one other thing: Why did I put on my fancy lady dress if some people were going to attend in crusty jeans, uggs, and jerseys? Why?! Couldn't you have made a little bit of effort and made my evening experience all the more elegant?

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to some potato goodness at Poutini's in the Queen West area. It was amazingly cheesy:
YUM! a closeup of the delicious curds:
Read all about their delicious environmentally friendly baked potato poutines here. Taste, ambiance, and decor were comparable to Craft Burger.

By the by, the dogre has been very creative and mischievous with my holiday gifts. He's even taken on the role of the Panty Fairy, leaving me ridiculously goofy boy briefs under my pillow. Get your mind out of the gutter - I said they were goofy! For example, one looks like lined paper with graffiti on it!

By the by the by, my blue dress is now on sale (50% off..ouch for me). Find it here on the BCBG website. The fit is so flattering and can be dressed up and down...I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it~

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  1. Holy moly, that looks so good! Poutine is one thing I will miss if I ever move away from Canada.