Jul 1, 2010

Nice for the cool breeze.

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Jun 20, 2010

The beauty is there, but a beast is in the heart.

It's like eating bread sandwiched in more bread. There is a movement in our casa to decrease meat consumption and I'd say it's going decently well. Also, being the music master that I am, minions have approached me asking, "Dear talented music master of good taste and beauty, what pairs well with tasteless 'sausage' and 'beef' patties?" So here you go, lowly subordinates, take a listen. Quickly—before I take the whole lot of you and thrash you with this hand! And then bash you with this hand! And then take both hands and give you a massage to loosen you up! Don't get it? Well then, A) you're so uncool, 2) watch below, and PICKLES) is the name of a tiny chihuahua in the building across from us. She's very cute.
So, to tell you the truth, no one messaged me with said song pairing requests, but I have been receiving fan mail that's borderline flattering/stalker-esque, mostly about my gorgeous legs from a previous cycling photo. No, another lie, no fan mail. But the dogre says I'm purdy! Okay, so here are songs for you, dogre. In my journey to one day become a vegetarian, I also discovered that there is a sistah inside of me who occasionally comes out to play. Whenever something bluesy/soulsy/fill-in-the-blank plays, she takes over my mind and body and deceives me into thinking I've got rhythm. And for those few minutes, my eyes get all droopy and I groove to the music, all slinky and sexy. And then, I catch my reflection in a mirror and shrivel back up into the gangly dogress that I am. But in case you've got actual rhythm and soul (pfft—doubtful), I've added Divine Brown's song below.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait (featuring Beck)
The Bird and The Bee - Maneater
Pete Yorn - I Don't Know What To Do (featuring Scarlett Johansson)
Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun
Divine Brown - Lay It On The Line

Jun 11, 2010

Jedd's Frozen Custard Patisserie Cafe

Earlier this week, I was waiting for the train when Lady Antebellum's Need You Now played on my ipod and I found myself blushing and staring at my shoes, as if those around me had super powers and could tell what I was listening to. But it's okay, because the Smiths came on next and I quickly reverted to light foot tapping and observing fellow commuters with lowered eyelids, knowing how much cooler I was than them. I mean, if it's on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, it's obviously hip, no?
So another reason I know that I'm cool, besides my taste in music, is because I frequent cool spots like Jedd's Frozen Custard patisserie cafe. The decor and vibe ooze awesomeness and I know I fit right in. Oh, and the frozen chocolate custard is so good! They're giving out free custards until August 1st (go on their website to print the coupon).

Jun 9, 2010

Mouse and Papabubble

There's nothing better than snail mail from friends...Unless it's a snail package. Or better yet, a snail package full of candy! Deliciously hand-crafted soda filled candies and a lollipop as large as my face arrived by courier, courtesy of mon friend, monsieur paille-baie. If I won the lottery, I'd have a guy who traveled around the world solely to mail me sweetly packaged confectioneries! Rocky, who is usually a wonderful and compliant model, was all mopes and glares and refused to partake in my artistic visions.
Models—they have their good days and bad days. Sometimes, it's magic. And other times, visual diarrhea. Go on Papabubble's website to see hard candies do their thing and strut their stuff, leaving Rocky in their tasty candy dust.
Yet another reason to visit Barcelona.

Jun 6, 2010

She like laugh at that and a gone a Canada.

We had a pretty fantastic Saturday! Woke up all relaxed, mid-morning and lounged before heading out for some furniture shopping. Voila ici.
Yes, the tulip knockoff. And did you know they serve beer at Ikea? Something about drinking in a family friendly place like Ikea seemed badass so I felt compelled to order a bottle with my meal. Because, I mean, I am badass, so I need to do my part, you know? Next up, rugs, wall decor, new lighting for the den (above the dining table), and furniture for our gaaarden.
We're quite pleased with how everything is coming together but I have to admit that it all feels a bit too modern and sleek. In contrast, my inspiration folder is full of images that exude a non-fussy, airy, rustic farmhouse-esque/lovingly distressed feel. I'm itching to make this place more homely but need to remind myself that we're intentionally creating a space that will attract future buyers. But I'm not complaining. This isn't a complaint! I do really love each piece—but we're careful to acquire versatile items that can be used differently at another place and time.
SIDE NOTE: planning for the wedding, the ceremony, and moving into our first home all felt very natural to us. but buying a full bed set really got to me and it was as if I only now realized that I was married, had a husband, and was in this specific stage in life! and today, shopping for dining tables, was another reminder. more importantly, as we stuffed our faces with meatballs and mashed potatoes and chatted about the people in the playground just outside (we love people watching and making snarky comments), it happened; our first discussion about kids without it dripping in repulsion and feelings of anxiety/nausea. still prefaced with ifs and one thousand percent certainty that if we ever decided to procreate, it wouldn't be for at least another four or five years, but something was definitely different. and it unnerved us. It's giving me hives just typing about it right now. Have you read We Need To Talk About Kevin? Don't; if you're on the fence about children, don't! Let's change topics. We also visited Sheridan Nurseries and started up a mini garden on our balcony. Sweet million tomatoes and chives, mon friends! 
Hmm, I wonder if the secret ingredient to the fertilizer is sewage sludge. Dun, dun, dun!
Our lack of proper tools (the basics, really. pliers!) resulted in a lengthy but rewarding bike ride to Home Depot. Rewarding because I got to eat at Harvey's and Mad Italian Gelato Bar (pistachio and hazelnut). Leave me be, there were a lot of slight, barely-there inclines hills and I needed the energy! I had to mask my eyes because they looked all sneaky. But never-you-mind that, pay attention to my legs; they look so long! But, so does my torso. I'm what you call a flip phone body.
We finally celebrated Rocky's sixth birthday (two weeks late). Got him a peanut butter cookie bigger than his face!

I can't change! I'm like a chameleon - always a lizard! / Food photoburst

Ever since we moved in last week, we've been frugal with our electricity and water usage. And it's not because we're environmental. Plain and simple, we're aiming for the lowest of the low possible bills! I think we're doing very well. 
But, it's made me hesitant about cooking and baking. The only thing we've used is the microwave (to nuke our veggie "sausage" patties below). Meals from May 24 at Kachi (mediocre).

Fancy desserts from my Shoe!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so this photoburst is very much incomplete. Tears. Just imagine delicious dim sum, pasta, sushi, Korean, pad thai...The beers were for moving day and since we didn't have a functioning fridge, we did it hotel-style.
The veggie patty was tasteless. Like eating bread between two slices of bread! And they were so puny...How embarrassing.
And the saddest of them all—our impromptu "breakfast" before the dogre headed off to work today. Tonight, me thinks I will actually heat up the stove top and cook up some pasta. For one. More tears. I wish I could have delicious chicken and chive dumplings at Cha Liu instead.